5 Tipps für den perfekten Sommer Body!

5 tips for the perfect summer body!

1. Drink enough water

You should drink a lot of water for every meal. There are mutliple reasons for this. It is not uncommon for hunger to be confused with thirst, which leads to an unnecessary calorie intake. So if you are hungry between the main meals, you should first try a glass of water. If you are really hungry, drinking water can still help because it stretches your stomach what triggers satiety signals. This has the positive effect that you automatically eat less in the following meals. Another important advantage of water is that it binds toxins in the body. This is particularly important during a diet, since the pollutants bound by the breakdown of the adipose tissue are released and distributed throughout the body. Water binds pollutants and releases them.

2. Do not miss any meals

Some people may think that they support their weight loss plans by only eating a meal a day and using other fasting means. However, the opposite is the case. If we let our body fast, he retains his fat reserves as long as possible to avoid hunger. Therefore, it reduces the energy -consuming process to a minimum, which makes it difficult to lose weight. As soon as we eat again, our body stores food as efficiently as possible to have enough reserves for the next Lent. So we have achieved exactly the opposite of what we wanted: less energy consumption and more fat storage. Another disadvantage of the long fasting is that you develop cravings, which can lead to excessive food during meals.

3. Pay attention to your protein

Proteins have the great advantage that it is digested much more slowly than carbohydrates, which makes you feel full for much longer. So snacking is no longer necessary, and the 4-5 hour break between the main meals that is necessary for fat loss is easily overwhelmed. When losing weight, you also need enough proteins to keep your body from muscle breakdown. This is important for the success of losing weight, because more muscles also mean higher energy consumption. Protein -rich foods are meat, fish, milk and milk products or eggs. How about a bottle of whey protein? A total of 30g proteins are in a bottle!

4. Eat sufficient fiber

Fillers are very helpful when losing weight. They are not only low in calories (because we cannot use most of them), but also ensure that you are fed up quickly and for a long time. A clever combination for losing weight. As is well known, fiber -rich meals ensure that part of the food energy is simply excreted and less insulin is released. You should consume at least 30 grams of fiber a day. The fiber-rich food includes whole grains, wheat or oat bran, vegetables, fruit or legumes (peas, beans, lentils).

5. Reduce the carbohydrates

Carbohydrates have some unfavorable properties when it comes to losing weight. The first reaction of our body to a carbohydrate -rich meal is the distribution of the hormone insulin. It is known that this promotes fat storage and inhibits fat burning. Insulin also ensures that we are hungry relatively quickly because it lowers blood sugar levels. If we lose weight, do we want that? No of course not. Therefore, you should reduce the following foods: cereals and all grain products (pasta, bread, rice, muesli), potatoes, sweet fruits (bananas, mangoes etc.). You don't have to do without it, but you should prepare at least one low -carbohydrate meal, preferably dinner. You should avoid simple carbohydrates, colloquially called sugar as far as possible. This means no sweets such as gummy bears, chocolate or ice cream, no cakes and no sweet drinks such as juices or soft drinks. This is exactly what our diet whey protein drink is there, it has 0G sugar and is also enriched with 30g proteins.

6. Sufficient movement

Four training sessions per week should be at least for your perfect summer figure. Two units of endurance sports and two units of strength training are ideal. If possible, you distribute the training to different days or carry out endurance training after your strength training. Don't worry, you don't have to be on the cross trainer for hours. In terms of endurance training, interval training is most effective! The fat burning should be up to 36 times higher than with constant training sessions. If you have any questions on this topic of sports & nutrition, you can get a advice from our athletes for free!

Already start today! Summer is here!