What makes Dunking healthier than other energy drinks?

Dunking's was developed to support a healthy immune system and at the same time offer energy boost and fluid intake. Our energy drink is based on water, which makes it edible and does not make your mouth sticky. Dunking's FAQ

When should I drink Dunking?

Dunking's is intended for an everyday warrior whose full schedule requires energy checks all day. The moments could be: 6 a.m. Hustle, 2 p.m. after lunch, 4 p.m. Meeting, 6 p.m. after the workout. Dunking's FAQ

How much caffeine is in Dunking's?

Dunking’s is done for the toughest workers in the rooms who face challenges. Dunking’s is not recommended for children, pregnant or breastfeeding women and people who are sensitive to caffeine. Dunking's FAQ

Is Dunking suitable for everyone?

Dunking’s is done for the toughest workers in the rooms who face challenges. Dunking’s is not recommended for children, pregnant or breastfeeding women and people who are sensitive to caffeine.

Is Dunking's gluten -free?

Dunking’s is 100 % gluten -free

When should I consume which drink?

Hattrick Energy: You should consume the energy drink if you want to get 100 % focus or feel a little tiredness at work. This drink also works best as a pre-workout drink before the traning. Dunking's FAQ

Hattrick Whey Protein: Suitable for all strength athletes. 30 grams of protein per bottle and without sugar help you to achieve your desired result in the muscle building phase.

Hatt trick vitamin: is for the quiet athlete. Green tea extract supports your cardiovascular system, especially in sports such as yoga and Pilates. In addition, it is perfect for a day where there is not much sun to be felt. The drink promotes your body and offers you a successful regeneration to continue tomorrow!

How many bottles do I get per order?

In an order there are 6 bottles a 500ml.

Mostly asked sports!

Here you will find the most asked questions about sport compact and smart!

How many grams of protein should you build in muscle?

You should consume 2-2.5g protein when building muscle.

How much water should you consume than athletes?

Rule of thumb for the daily supply of water: 1l per 25kg body weight, which results in
One that weighs 75kg about three liters a day. You should at least 1 - at least 1 -
Make 1.5 liters of water in addition to your daily need.

How much kcal do you burn during an hour of sport?

The approximate value is: a jogger with a weight of 75 kilos that runs quickly for an hour,
Use about 770 kilocalories. Burn women with their lower body weight
About 600 calories in an hour

Which vitamins should I take to myself?

Vitamin A, D, E, K, B1, B2, B3 and B5, B12.

What does creatine bring?

Creatine can go to a faster muscle building and to increase the maximum force
to lead. A creatine enrichment in the muscle hesitates with short-term and intensive
Exposure to fatigue. This enables higher training intensities.
The muscle building turns out the less the more trained you are.

Which exercises are best with it?

It is best to decrease exercises with endurance. For example, these are running
Bicycle or highly intensive workouts. We are currently working on training sessions that show you how to best achieve your goal.

How do you build the fastest muscles?

There is no special formula, but the fastest way is good nutrition and heavy training.

How much caffeine is still healthy?

A lot of 3 to 6 mg per body weight should not be exceeded. Dunking's Hatrick Energy has 150 mg caffeine in a bottle, which fits perfectly into your everyday needs.

How do you get a summer figure the fastest?

You have to lose fat, this takes different lengths of different lengths. One should be in one
Are calorie deficit and eat well.

Is too much sugar unhealthy?

More than 50g of sugar is not recommended. Excess sugar is in the liver and in the
Muscles saved and later also in the adipose tissue.

How can you avoid too high pulse when jogging?

Training beginners or particularly motivated runners tend to move forward at an excessive pace. If you haven't run for a long time, you should only start walking. The perceived burden should never appear higher than "somewhat exhausting". This is the only way to keep the pace permanently. If you don't want to rely on your feeling alone, you train with onePulse clock. After a few training sessions, the pulse will import and sink. The start of running can also be relieved by interval training from jogging and going.

What to do with muscle cramps?

Muscle cramps usually occur during great effort or even with strong sweating. For this reason, the muscle cramp is nothing more than a lack of magnesium or sodium chloride. In order to prevent muscle cramps, regular use of magnesium before training is helpful. Magnesium -rich foods such as bananas, papayas, legumes or nuts should also be on the menu. To protect your body after sport, we recommend Dunking's hat trick vitamin for perfect regeneration.

I want to lose weight but don't lose muscles. What can I do about it?

In principle, it is not possible to lose weight and build muscle at the same time. However, if you should pursue this goal, you should definitely do without unhealthy fats and a lot of carbohydrates. This also includes sugar. Try to supply your body every day with 1.5g-2.5g protein per body weight. The perfect supporter is Dunking's Hattrick Whey Protein. The drink has 0.0g of sugar, 0.0g fat and a full 30g proteins per bottle!

You should know that while losing weight!

Avoid sugar and food with a high fat content. INS lots of vegetables and fruit. If possible, to alcohol.


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How fast is shipping?

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Is free shipping possible?

Yes! We offer free shipping for all orders over 69 EUR


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