The partnership between us and you as a customer is very important to us. We are not only buyers and sellers, but we are your partners.

So we can work together, exchange ideas and make plans for a possible future together. Regardless of whether in the marketing and sales area, with our care and joint collection of ideas, we always find a good common denominator.

We attach great importance to good communication and work with the highest precision. Contact with our customers & partners thus offers added value and is the highest priority for us.

Let's become a partner!

Are you a dealer, wholesaler, organizer, retail, influencer, an association or public institution?

To become a partner of us, you only have to do 3 things. We check the whole and will register with you as soon as possible.

So you will be in 3 steps of our partners!

contact us!

1. Register with us in the online shop! (Register here -> Create a new customer account)

2. Write us an email to with your most important data.

3. As soon as we are in contact, we discuss all the details and a good cooperation is no longer in the way.

DUNKINGs lass uns gemeinsam die zukunft verändern!

Let's change the future together!

Our vision has always been part of making the world a better place. Let's work together.

So we came up with something that fulfills greater added value on both sides.

2.5 % - 10 % of their sales can be converted into marketing budget.

What does that mean?

Dunking's partnership

An example: you order goods worth 10,000 euros (net) or more from us.

This marketing budget does not go through a third party, but only through us. Of these 10,000 euros (net) we have a joint marketing budget of up to 1000 euros, which you can use in cooperation with us. This serves to support brand support on its part and at the same time on our part.