Dunking's A name that you have already heard.
It comes here in many areas and that's where it comes from.
A jump, a goal - powerful his way.

Feel immersion in the water and its strength.
Focus and achieve his goal.

The mission of Dunkings is clear

We inspire, we encourage, promote and enable people to make the best of their time and their talent to bring the best ideas to life.

We help you to achieve what you have set as a goal.


Dunking's is a company that has focused on the functionality of refreshing drinks and everyday foods. The content of Dunking´s is tailored to the individual personality and underlines its lifestyle. Our goal is to design responsible quality products that health Respect the consumer in order to satisfy the constantly growing demand for "better consumption", in which we have rely on innovations in the choice of ingredients.

D - Dynamics N - Naturals A - Attachments

D - Dynamic: The dynamics examine the legal connection between the movement that appears and the forces causing them. In general, one is generally limited (in the external biomechanics) to those forces that exist between the overall man and its environment. These are the reaction powers occurring on the periphery of the body.
The effort of the individual muscles, which can be developed electromyographically, is not taken into account.

N - Naturals:Our products are shaped with sustainable and natural fabrics that give your body the certain strength to give 100 % every day. The concentration is that our products taste good and at the same time have a positive effect for your body and soul.

A - Attachments:Dunking's DNA products enrich your body with energy to get well to your goals. Whether sports with important proteins, at work to keep a focus on energy or on a dark day with important vitamins.